31 May 2010

For You, My Dear

When you walk
 you float
If you trip
 everyone stops
You only care to win; so,
like your father,
you can gloat

I saw it all but yr nasty flattery
destabilized me
You blew yr affection out before we
even started
Anything goes
as long as
in the end
you get to play

you say I care too much
about trifling people
you don't concern about
the one who adores you

you pretend
you don't know

a dvd bootlegger at the metro stop
disapproves of you

I met you more
than halfway
you just kept

Kinky Destroy

Elisabeth with an S
she protests

miscommunication wires
uncontained by Oceans death
decisive derisions jog
    emasculatory gamut

Eunuch in Tunic!
Guard the Harem!
Disco! Crisco!
Feed the seraph

lusty eggs mature
stench narrows into
Answers? ephemeral

Boy Scout! Cub Scout!
kamp kommando
Liar! Fire!
Blow my candle